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The definition of being well or healthy is when one is in contact with one’s true self and feels harmonious at the Body, Mind and Spirit levels. This is possible when the nature within ourselves is in sync with the nature around us. Swasthya is a holistic and integrated approach to well-being based on the timeless Vedic wisdom of Five Fold Path of Param Sadguru. Swasthya is a unique approach to health that also integrates the concepts of global alternative healing sciences like Aromatherapy, Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Chiropractic, etc.








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We, at Vishwa Foundation, having been spreading the message of Holistic healing through our products and retreats which are based on the concepts of Swasthya. Using high quality wellness products and by rendering our signature Swasthya therapies, our wellness experts and trained therapists, help you on the journey to complete well-being.

Complete Well-being is a 7 Days rejuvenation program for men and women in high stress careers, leading a super busy life; physically and emotionally stressed. Read More

The appearance of disease on the body is a sign of a malfunction somewhere deep within. Ayurveda believes that every action good or bad is related to the psychosomatic structure of our being. Read More

If you are looking to give your employees a wellness experience, we invite you to our retreat. Read More

Aging is a complex process. As your body’s regenerative system slows down, you may begin to face many health challenges. Read More

Modern man leads a very busy, stressed, & unhealthy life. Spending 16 hours a day at work, traveling extensively, following erratic schedules... Read More

Women’s Wellness promises relaxing and revitalizing break for ladies of all ages, who’re running busy lives having hardly any time for themselves. Read More

amily Retreat is a unique and affordable concept developed keeping the entire family in mind. Read More

Disease is a physical manifestation of stressed mind and body. Appearance of symptoms of a disease on the body is a sign of a malfunction somewhere deeper. Read More

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