Family retreat center in Maharashtra. Family holistic health & wellness center


If you’re looking for a short and effective holistic holiday or break for the entire family, you got to have a look at our family retreat. Conducted in organic settings, it offers wonderful experience including fitness for the entire family!

Affordable Fitness Holiday for the Entire Family!


Family Retreat is a unique and affordable concept developed keeping the entire family in mind. You can enroll as nuclear, extended, or joint family. There’s whole lot of fun and health benefits in store waiting to be experienced!

Present times and lifestyles are such that every member of family irrespective of age, gender, and occupation leads a complex life, gets fewer hours with family, deals with stress, gets programmed to attract negativity, and so on. Such issues tend to affect our health, leading to serious illnesses in the long run. Family Retreat helps families to deal with their respective issues, under one roof, as a unit; in their allocated spaces and makes kids aware about health.


This personalized & specialized family friendly retreat is aimed at providing a wellness experience for the entire family whether it’s a new born or enrolling with teenage kids. Families who’ve experienced this vacation once often return for more with more people. It’s a well-deserved; a perfect blend of quality family + me time.


All the therapies are customized to suit individual needs of all the family members. E.g. therapies meant for the parents & grandparents address health concerns, stress issues, and slowing down the process of aging; therapies for young ones or teenagers, or preteens is aimed at providing strength to mind, muscles and bones, care for the skin and hair, learning about getting vital nutrients for growing age etc.

While therapies devised for senior citizens are focused on repair; for the fit young, emphasis is on maintenance; for teenagers or youth it is more about demonstrating ingredients of healthy life and what it takes to remain fit in mind and body, and face real life situations. Includes, stay in an A/C rooms, Swasthya Consultation, Organic Vegetarian Meals, Massage, Scrubs, Packs…


This is one family vacation every family should experience. We offer a perfectly organic ambiance and settings of a holiday cum health-spa experience. Our staff serves to make every moment feel worth its while. You go back home, or to work rejuvenated, feeling fresh and positive. Sharing experiences and conversations in our positively charged atmosphere strengthens the family bond.


Family Wellness Retreat

Duration & Cost

10,000   |   2 Days

For 2 adults – 2 children (below 10 years)

Free Consultation