Annapurna Dining Hall is one of the most popular areas among International as well as native visitors for many good reasons.
Housed in a grand premise, this is a 5000 Sq Ft space with a well stocked, well lit, and well facilitated kitchen. Meals are made in keeping with Ayurvedic tradition and served at a fixed time.
The food served is Satvik, vegetarian; low in cholesterol & calories. Use of oil & spices is kept to minimum. Preparations are supervised by our nutrition and Ayurveda experts.
Special meals are served to guests with special conditions on recommendation and instruction of our heath team. The eating environment is serene in an idyllic garden setting.
Most ingredients required for consumption like vegetables, grains, etc are grown here in Shivpuri Eco- farms using Agnihotra and organic methods of farming. This keeps nutritional values of various ingredients intact.

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