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If you are an individual or a group looking for a quick & effective holiday cum health break, you should enroll into our retreat…


Modern man leads a very busy, stressed, & unhealthy life. Spending 16 hours a day at work, traveling extensively, following erratic schedules, he hardly gets time to exercise or eat right or maintain a fixed time for anything at all. This Swasthya Ayurveda and Yoga based Men’s Wellness program is aimed at streamlining systems in the body thereby healing every individual using the most organic, and natural ways.


This program addresses the issues faced by men every day at individual level. Excess of exertion is not good, whether it is physical or mental. Chronic stress puts our bodies in a very difficult situation. But in today’s world it seems like an unavoidable situation. This retreat resets your mind and body and helps you to regain healthy outlook, body, and mind balance, guiding you to fight stress and find health.


Besides guiding about lifestyle changes and coping mechanism as per your body type, we’ll tell you about opposite forces that exist in our body and teach you to use them to deal with stress; a lesson that you will take home and use for the rest of your life to steer clear of stress and negativity. The talk will focus on distilling the stress response, by digging into its most essential characteristics; understand the action it activates in the body. Based on this insight you will learn to deal with stress. Other regular features of this retreat include, stay in an A/C rooms, health (Swasthya) Consultation, Organic Vegetarian Meals, and therapies relevant for your health and conditions.


Remarkably reduced stress response; nourished through diet, exercise, practices, habits, and relationships. Lead a life that’s grounded, in control, nourished, and stable. You will find your daily rhythm back. This one or two days retreat strengthens vitality, ignites spirits from within, thus restoring your wellbeing and helping you experience a deep sense of fulfillment.


Men’s Wellness Retreat

Duration & Cost

Per Person

2500   |   1 Day

Per Person

4500   |   2 Days

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