Women’s wellness retreat in akkalkot. Best health and wellness center in Maharashtra


If you are a woman or group of women looking for health spa cum holiday experience, you’re welcome to explore our retreat to learn how you can benefit from it. Our retreat promises to revitalize you like no other!

You’ll return to Daily Life Feeling Relaxed & Revitalized!


Women’s Wellness promises relaxing and revitalizing break for ladies of all ages, who’re running busy lives having hardly any time for themselves. All day they’re balancing family and work… which creates anxiety, stress, and takes a toll on their health. Some of it shows, but much gets hidden or goes unnoticed which develops problems later.

As more and more women are getting out, they’re learning to become experts in coping mechanism; they’re learning to multi task, pro-act, take informed decisions and so on.


Women’s Wellness program is aimed to fill you up with plenty of inspiration to lead a happy and healthy life and offer respite from routine life. The program focuses on identifying stress symptoms and teaching you coping mechanism at an early stage, (before stress hits your bones, muscles & hormones) and introduces ways to maintain good health level. Whether you are a career woman or a home maker, it’s going to work for you. If you’re looking for a quick break that guarantees rejuvenation of mind and body, this one’s for you! The program is aimed at helping women to get rid of fatigue with therapies like massages and scrubs. Caretakers shall train you to look after your health in small doable ways to improve quality of life when you go back to your life, family and work.


This retreat breaks and addresses issues at several levels. Our expert counsellors will recommend therapies that are relevant for your health, keeping your peculiar issues and situations in mind. Everything is customized from therapies, meals to A/c temperature! Other features include stay in an A/C room, (health) Swasthya Consultation, Organic Vegetarian Meals, and relevant therapies comprising Massages, Facials, and Body Packs etc.


You may not find many programs out there for women that can claim to make such a difference just within a day, or two. Once you enroll, and walk in, assistants will escort you to Ayurveda expert’s chamber, where you will be examined, counseled, and prepared for therapies and taken to studios to experience relaxation. This entire process will be seamless, hassle-free, guided at every step. With herbs, steam, oils, scrubs that we use you do not need to worry about side effects on your skin, hair, eyes etc. At the end of the program you’ll feel more relaxed, sorted out, and in control of your physical and emotional health.


Women’s Wellness Retreat

Duration & Cost

Per Person

2500   |   1 Day

Per Person

4500   |   2 Days

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